“BestFit” through the “BestPractice”

http://wildbunchbath.co.uk/?gclid=464524713 We believe in “BestFit” through the “BestPractice” model and together with our partners we can create a gateway to long term healthcare.

Marseille 02 Best Fit’s qualified care providers use best practices and innovative communication tools that help fully identify a patient’s needs during care transition and discharge. These tools and practices are fundamentally integrated into the Best Fit network’s customer relationship management. This ensures patients receive a continuum of love, dignity, and care that is always in the best interest of the patient as they progress with their care needs.

These tools and innovative care practices bring forth many benefits to the members of the Best Fit Network, including but not limited to drastically reducing readmission rates for hospitals through our exclusive continuum of care model, helping eliminate the most common transition of care mishaps and ensuring that patients are receiving the best care.